"I look back to the time I was called a genius, and think how ridiculous it was."
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Well I’m nearly to a hundred followers, so I wanted to go ahead and do a follow forever post. Those listed here are people I love to talk to personally, RP with, or I stalk from affair. There aren’t many, cus I’m still a newb, but I felt I needed to show some appreciation. Bolded names are those that I really stalk. I’ve only been active for two-ish weeks, and it’s amazing how many followers and friends I’ve accumulated already. Thanks to all for being awesome! <3


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"Don’t trifle with me," don’t touch me, don’t come near me, I don’t want to see that light anymore—no more, no more, "You encroached on my ground, not the other way around. Abandon your path." Kakashi hated the tremor in his hands, and the dreaded anticipation that horrible reminder of cold surgical tools peeling back his flesh wrought in his white hot fingers. Everything ached, his body screamed for him to turn and run while the opportunity existed. Escape while salvation held the figurative door ajar. Orochimaru had seen him, could still see him as though he lay beneath his hands bloodied and half conscious as he had before. He knew, he’d seen.

The distance between them mattered very little now, for Orochimaru knew what the Jounin truly kept hidden within the depths of his heart. He knew that fear bred there, the sacrifice, and the utter, utter loathing which poisoned Kakashi’s mind like a plague.


Kakashi turned sharply and flexed his offending arm, relishing in the burn that shot throughout his frame with a familiar sense of security. The chakra roared with his movement and the sound of ten thousand birds cried into the vast expanse of the sky as Kakashi ground his tense frame into a position wound tight, ready to strike. The copy-ninja could feel the brittle earth beneath his feet cracking with his pressure, and the wind whipping, screaming shrill, promising howls of pain.

'Why do you cry, Kakashi-kun..? Does it hurt so badly?'

"Last chance."

If there was meant to be a manner of threat amidst his callings, it was felt within a weight lighter than permeable. This did not mean that there was necessarily belief that this would bode as an simplistic battle regardless, It would twist and turn how he liked either by his own hand or dear Kakashi’s.

Endless dazzling flickered about with the ceaseless crackle of chirping so loud one might just have found themselves made at the length in which it held itself between them.

Just how much chakra did you waste already?

And back into it’s rightful place that slithering pull upon lipside curved. Ah, so that was what this untraceable feeling had been. Nostalgia in a sense, but not so much as Deja Vu itself. That alone tinged cruelty along fated string. Not such a fond schema associated itself with the attempted assassination employed by his once dear Sensei. It was not spite that guided this emotive trace, but bitterness and rightfully so. As luck would have it, the irony that he was being kept from the very place he’d once been (attempted to be) forced to was too rich to ruin the entire experience from the get-go. The key played in a different signature, but the tune still rang the same.

Last chance, indeed. 

Hatake was formidable in his own right, but nothing special to be harvested surely.  Not in the sense of where his usefulness would remain topside. This did not rest only within the age but the handy tool in which he so regarded with heavy weight. There were many within his confines that would constitute elderly rights, though those were merely civilian experimentations.  Shinobi rarely were graced with such lengthy lives.

A chuckle, patronizing and without proper weight gave through before the lulling of matters of fact. “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

Could it be that he was actually expected to turn like before? To simply walk away? Hm. Perhaps that could have been the case were it only this fool to stand aside than in the way. Indignation wasen’t it? Oh, he must be truly upset at what had transpired during their last little meeting amidst blade-end and saw. So eager to show that he was not but an array of nerve endings to sever and snap. Pointed fangs flashed wide.

What an amusing man.

Orochimaru in Naruto Shippuden Episodes 349-352
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casparmeehan inquired: "Hello Orochimaru, how has the research been going?"
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"Hm." Eyes crinkled upwards a bit or so amidst the half-completed nod of greeting.

How strangely familiar this creature’s appearances had become. Far in between and rarely coming to an inconvenience, but having occurred with a consistency in this gap. It appeared that fortune was once again on Caspar’s side as he’d come upon a day that the serpent’s hissing was lain to a dull whisper. Perhaps this was purposeful, or chance, but it had done well in keeping Orochimaru placid within their curious and unprecedented conversations.

"It remains a constant." Like always, the question was danced around. Such crucial research that he performed was unneeded for others to hear of. Well, at least when going without their familiar trade-off.

There was wonderment in how much the other held in regards to what interests rested within his own mind, and how long it would take to deplete the tap.


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My secondary reaction upon glancing at her posts and tags.

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Because that’s all the world needs: two incarnations of Orochimaru fucking your shit up & peeling out to Vegas.


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[Happy Birthday to my blog!!! Oh gosh, this is huge, man. I’ve role played on Tumblr in the past, and in this fandom once more, but I never stuck around for long, and I think it’s a miracle that I’ve kept this blog for one whole entire year! That is, in other words, a long ass time. I’ve made a lot of nice friends, and I’ve role played with so many amazing people! A lot of people helped shape my blog and my portrayal to what it is today, and there are a few who helped inspire my headcanons, and it’s thanks to them that my Hidan is how he is! Sometimes this place is a real dump, but there are so many lovely people that have made this whole experience so wonderful, and I’m just so grateful!

I’m grateful that so many of you have been following me all this time, especially to those who saw all my dumb antics from the start and have continued to follow me up to today. I’m so grateful that there are so many people who enjoy my portrayal, and I’m grateful that over 900 people have thought to themselves that my blog was worth following. I really wasn’t expecting over 50, to be honest! Jeez, this has gotten long and sappy, but man…ahhh. You’re all terrific people, and I’m just—- Cries I don’t even know what to say anymore man. Ran out of words. Anywho, you’re swell, I love you guys, and thank you for everything. I’m stoked for what the future’s got in store for Hidan and I! Thanks for putting up with the both of us for this long ♡

Also, (P.S)!!! There are a lot of personal blogs following me, and I’d like to thank you guys especially!! To think that you wanted a little role play blog on your dash…gosh, it’s an honor. Thank you! The lot of you have been so sweet to me, too! Thank you.

Also… I was gonna do little messages over each url, but…I’d run out of words to say about all of you ;w;]


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" Dear?" The blonde stated, bitting her lip


Reveling in the apparent discomfort of the girl, he continued. ”Don’t tell me you’re nervous.”

Of course she’d be nervous. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be of the one known as Orochimaru. He was a dangerous, slippery, monster of a man that couldn’t resist a lure of almost any toy.

Coiled Peace


"Oh hey I think we’re nearly there anyways, so since you aren’t saying anything much it’ll be a bit more fun.  The only thing is I’m going to put you in a big ol’ sack that I got from a nice couple of people up the way. 

"You were unconscious, do you remember?" From what he had gathered from the listless glare was nothing short of apathy, determining what he said to the guy was hard when there was nothing- no frown, no creepiness, nothin.’

"Don’t worry ‘bout it if you don’t remember it, you’ll probably be getting better in the next few days a’cuz we’ll be staying in a room from a favor I got from these other nice old people- its real sad but they gave me their house in their will.  I didn’t know why, but I always did like doing chores for them and I never told my dad so I don’t think he knows ‘bout it."

"Oh," another heave- hopefully Orochimaru was not motion sick, "And you won’t be staying in the sack it’ll just be until you’re in the room since a ton of people know what you look like, okay?"

"I sincerely hope for your sake that was a poor attempt at humor." Worded with proper politeness but lacking the meaning,  acid dripped from that crooked tongue with little spacing for oxygen to find solace amidst the sting. That was perhaps his first statement that resounded of something akin to feeling, though heavily negative, mind.  As though being saved by this mental case wasen’t a reality worth heaving itself, he’d best not to be serious for this cause. The boy may just yet find a sword between his eyes. In either case, that bag scenario wasen’t coming to pass.

There was information that poured from A339’s mouth in droves, and passively it was all retained. Sorting through the mess was an effort that could not be accomplished. Not now. That hollow spot in which his collected sharingan formerly lay was not regressing in its thudding. To think that fool could not spare a wrap in which to cover it. 

He supposed that being grateful wouldn’t kill him. Certainly that would only be fitting. The former test subject could have just as easily left him to wither. That thought alone was a bitter medicine. 

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795 currently. Though it’s been so long since I’ve been active, I’m rather surprised.

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Voice choked him, fear trembled his knees.  The little pale face shrunk as his eyes widened, as quickly as the terrible face appeared he looked down.


"M’cold," muttered the small voice, "N’ I don’t ‘member when Kabuto-san’ll be back."

Kabuto. Yes. He did display instances of gentility to these subjects, didn’t he? When the ‘patients’ spoke well of that ninja-once-spy, intentionally defined or not, Orochimaru could not help but feel a bit pleased. Those were the instances when that medic showed the truest inklings behind the wandering of not knowing. But so delved within his games of pretend, more than likely it was taken as an act like any other. 

But that did not bring the length to his smile. Rather, it was the foolishness of the insolent little boy strapped to slab. Though Kabuto could bring good things like kindness (in comparision to himself) or care(hardly in an emotional level), equally he could be more macabre and violent than even the Sanin himself. If there was any brains within this test-tube child, he would worry for every second of his life around the medic nin who had no sense of self to confine morals or ethics to.

"Would you like to go back to your room?" the serpent coo’d. 

Room, another room for a dingy and ill-kept prison cell often shared with a double digit number of other equally unlucky individuals. Patients. Subjects. 


Wilted Rose

//idk what I drew but I like it maybe??