Touch him and I’ll kill you!

karuzuin said:
"Orochimaru-sama, the latest experiment resulted in a twerking epidemic. All of the experiments are dying of exhaustion."




Didn’t I kill your dead ass.

Kill. We both know that’s not quite right. 



No. No snake.


"I desire a bargain, Snake."

"Hm, do you?" 

"I suppose I should be honored," Really, from a man of such history unlike any other, even this serpent did feel something like honor for that. Not quite that word, but something like. But what makes you think I desire anything you have to offer?


why do i still have this blog

What do you think Orochimaru's dream is under the jutsu?

Oh I don’t think this one is relatively hard. It would have been of a life with all the same pieces but with a proper rearrangement. Much like Tsunade’s, Nawaki and Jiraya would be living, prospering through life with the ambitions and drive they’d always carried as well as Dan to make her happy. Orochimaru would have been passed the title of Hokage by his sensei and Anko would stand as a capable assistant.

Of course, his parents would also be very much alive.